Wear Salwar Kameez with Dupatta for That Ethnic Look

India is a great country with a wide range of ethnic dresses. Every part of this country has a different tradition, culture and a unique style of dressing which is loved by masses around the world. The fashion designers explore this wide array of Indian dresses and come up with a new one for fashion lovers by merging different styles together along with adding a touch of modernity. Fashion is all about style and elegance that comes with a nicely designed and tailored dress. Salwar kameez is a popular ethnic outfit worn in south Asia and central Asia. This attire consists of three parts, the kurta or kameez, salwar or bottom and dupatta or a shawl. Although it is considered to be an Indian ethnic dress but very few people are aware of this fact that salwar kameez were introduced in India after Muslim influence.

The kameez plays an important role in the entire salwar kameez dupatta dress as it makes it look unique with different patterns, designs and cuts. It is stitched in different styles as per the current trends of the fashion world or the desire of the person who will wear it. The neckline is carved by adding intricate designs and is also embroidered some times. The sleeve of the kurta can be long, short or none. Even the length of the kurta also varies from long to short depending on the current style. There are frock and tunic like kurta’s as well which are quite popular these days, especially with young girls.

The salwar or the bottom is also called shalwar in some parts of south and central Asia, especially in Afghanistan and some parts of Pakistan. It is a loose pajama like trouser, which often looks like ballooned as preferred by most women. Some women like it fluffy, some simple and straight and some like it tight. Depending on the changing trends of fashion salwar is also changing in different parts of Asia. In contrast of the kameez salwar is most often plain or have little prints. Near the ankle some f the women prefer to have embroidery or lace work making their salwar attractive. It is tied with a draw string.

Dupatta is a shawl like cloth which is much finer then the entire salwar kameez. Various Khada Dupatta Designs are created to match the pattern of the entire salwar kameez. The fabric of the dupatta varies according to the location of the place. The designers have been trying to add a unique touch to salwar kameez giving it an international stature.

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