Indian Designer Sarees- The New Trend in the Saree Fashion

The Indian woman is developing with each passing era. They are no longer the shy woman who had to stay in their house to take care of the family. The modern Indian woman is powerful; she can take care of the family as well as have a thriving career of their own. The Indian fashion industry is also trying to keep pace with the growing Indian woman providing her the best of Indian designer sarees as well as western outfits for her different avatars. She is a professional handling office work and clients; she is a house woman handling all the duties of the household. Therefore, she needs perfect clothing to look her best in various aspects of her life.

The designer clothing is not only easy to manage but is also easy to wear. Some of them are available in pre-stitched form, allowing the wearer to put it on quickly. In this field the pre plated designer sarees are one of the favorite for the daily saree wearers. These sarees have pre stitched plates on the saree hence the wearer will only have to drape it and tuck in the plates hence reducing the hassle of making them while wearing the saree. You can buy sarees online with pre made plates as per convenience. 

These sarees are easy to wear and takes lesser time in draping. For a working woman it is not less than a boon since she has to juggle various roles, giving best of herself in every part. The Indian designer saree will make it much easier for her.

Which Are the Most Popular Sarees in the Latest Sarees Collection?

Simple saree, bold saree, plain saree printed saree, embroidered saree and many other types of sarees are available in the country. As we all are aware of, women and girls are fond of getting dressed up in the latest style of sarees as well as other ethnic clothing. Even though they are modern, the charm of the ethnic attire captivates their attention. All thanks to the Indian fashion designers, the saree has become one of the most evergreen attire that is present in every fashion one can imagine. The latest sarees collection contains different type of sarees, which are enough to satisfy the modern yet traditional women and girls in Indian sub continent. The sarees are made of different types of fabrics consisting of various forms of embroidery, prints, patch work and lace work. Depending on the occasion, all the ladies can have one or more sarees of different varieties.  

Out of all the fashionable sarees, the net sheer sarees are the hot pick this season. Whether it is the salwar kameez, the lehenga, or the sarees, net fabric is being used in almost every ethnic attire. It is the most popular fabric used until date in ethnic clothing other than silk. The fabric is sheer presenting soft touch to the saree or any other clothing. Women love to have a soft looking vibrant colored saree. In some of the Trends of Indian Designer Sarees, the net fabric is intermixed with any other fabric to create a dual effect. The net sarees can be printed as well as plain with few motifs created on them. The shimmery appearance of the net fabric enhances the glamour of the saree. It is perfect to for the traditional functions like wedding as well as for the casual parties. You can try on monochrome, multicolored or dual colored net saree for different looks.

Apart from the net sarees, the pre pleated sarees are also in fashion. It is actually not a fashion but the usual saree in a different look. Any saree is pre pleated to help the wearer drape in lesser time than usual. With the increasing influence of the saree, various girls and women are trying their hands on this fashion trend; however, most of them are unaware of the style to drape it well. They can simply buy the pre pleated saree from the latest sarees collection and drape it without any hassle. They look exactly like the normal saree but with lesser hassle to wear. 

Wedding Lehenga Choli: Knowing the Hottest Designs and Cuts

Lehenga choli is one of the most prominent and chosen outfits for occasions such as wedding ceremonies and spiritual festive. This costume is allied with celebration for the reason that it was thought to be a regal outfit dressed in by the wives & daughters of Mughal emperors in the history. Thus, most of the Indian brides prefer to choose this dress for their grand day since they desire to feel and look special just like an imperial princess. The wedding lehenga choli like any other lehenga comprises three parts – the pleated skirt that is known as the lehenga, a fitted choli or blouse and a dupatta.

The source of this costume can be traced back to Rajasthan as well as Gujarat, but after Mughal took over the subcontinent, this costume turned into the most preferred dress for the imperial women. This apparel turned out to be renowned among the royalties since it provided a humble and feminist covering to each and every woman of that time. Though the outfit has went along numerous modifications all through the time, but still a lot of designers and brides prefer to follow Mughal designs & embellishments while designing a wedding lehenga choli. 

Eminent Cuts & Designs in Bridal Lehenga Choli
The famed cuts & designs that have been launched in wedding lehenga choli are:


This type of cut in wedding lehenga choli is the most famous almost the Indian brides and it fits all body types. These lehengas run down in parallel down the body and assist in producing an illusionary slighting effect. 


The best thing about panelled style lehenga choli is ttha it facilitates the brides with extra flare & fall. The designers keep experimenting with the colors making use of this style of bridal lehenga choli and so the panels sewed alongside the lehenga can be of different colors.


Most girls favor this style of lehenga to don on their wedding or on other special festival. Actually, as the name suggests, the Fish Tail lehenga is fitted at the waistline and opens at the base.


This one of the oldest styles of lehenga choli and this comprises various pleats at the waistline. The pleats give a lot of volume to the lehenga. The brides with thin figure in particular choose this style of lehenga choli.

However, women still like to integrate the contemporary styles in their wedding outfit, but when it comes to conventional attire and fashion they favor to have the wedding designer lengha choli.  

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Designer Salwar Kameez- Chic Look With Comfort

Gone are the days when the clothing was just meant to cover the body and protect it from severe heat or cold. At that time, the human beings used to wear hides and tree leaves as well as barks to cover themselves and keep their body warm. They never thought about adorning their clothing with entwined twigs or flowers in a pattern to look more stylish. It was more of a necessity rather than a luxury. It was impossible for them to walk into a designer clothing shop and get themselves dressed up. However, it is not impossible for you. You can have endless number of designer salwar kameez, sarees, western outfits and Indian traditional outfits to look chic in your dressing. The modern woman has a vast knowledge about the fashion world. They are aware about the current trends, the hot colors in fashion and the style that will suit your body more.

Some of the fashion loving women are so into fashion these days that they tend to forget about the comfort level of their body. Our body is covered with skin, which do not get along well with some of the fabrics people wear in the name of the fashion. Fashion and style is not about looking good but feeling bad at the same time. You should feel great in your attire while appearing at your best. This is possible only if highly professional designers design the dress. You should Buy Salwar Kameez Online from such fashion stores that are experienced in designing the Indian ethnic attire in the traditional manner. Some of the new fashion designers have started using different types of fabrics together, which can agitate the body or make you feel uncomfortable.

 The net material or fabric is very popular currently in salwar kameez and the sarees. The material gives a sheer glamour to your appearance. However, the fabric mostly used as net is very rough. The designers try to decrease the cost of the attire by using cheaper quality fabric in making the attire. These fabrics do not last long. They start losing their shine after two washes. If you are seeking for the perfect soft and shiny net fabric in your Designer Salwar Kameez, get it from the trusted fashion designers only. They know the trick of using the softest delicate material in the perfect design to provide comfort and chic look at the same time, which is not possible in the cheap attires. Get your touch of fashion now with designer salwar kameez. 

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Appealing Crepe Sarees: Get a Stunning Look

Amid the two assortments of crepe, thin crepe is exploited to design or create Indian outfits like stylish pure crepe sarees, designer salwar suits, fashionable Indian anarkali, designer sarees, exclusive churidar kameez, Indian lehenga choli, and so on. Crepe is mainly a type of the silk material and is manufactured with silk threads, and so the natural inbuilt sheen of the material. Unlike solid crepe, manufacturers usually use thin crepe for creating garments or designer attires.  

We also know the thin crepe as flexible crepe or crepe de Chine. It has developed as a trendy pick of stuff for Indian stylish sarees. The main reason is, for sure, its sleek touch and its silk-like luster that makes it ultimate for a party wear saree or bridal Saree. You can find the gleam of pure silk stuff in crepe sarees to a great extent. It may be short of the finery or the royal feel of pure silks, but it absolutely is sleek and makes fairly an alluring style statement. 

Another reason why crepe is appropriate for Indian sarees is that you can drape it fantastically. As it is a flexible and soft material, it turns out to be quite suitable to make pleats or drape a stylish crepe saree in any way you prefer. What is more, the merely issue with crepe designer sarees is that because of its intense softness, it is likely to slip a lot. Therefore, wearing Designer or Printed Crepe Sarees would mean pinning them up firmly.