Benarsi silk Vs Kanjeevaram silk

The silk sarees comes in a major use at marriages and several other occasions. This is because these sarees are easy to handle. One of the most complicated task while wearing a saree is to make the plates in middle. Even after making the plates, it is loosened. However, this thing never happens in Silk. It remains stiff and gives a smart look on women.

Buy traditional silk saree online

There is different type of silk sarees available in market. This includes Arani silk, Banarsi silk, kanchipuram silk, kora silk, gadwal silk, mysore silk, patola sarees, pochampally silk. These sarees are called by different names in their origin. For example in south these are called Pattu saree.

The Banarsi silk is among one of the most skilfully designed sarees. The fabric used in these sarees is of high quality and have zari work in it. These sarees are on demand as it is embellished with opulent embroidery used from the times of Mughals. It is crucial to make Pallu and attention is to be paid towards details. It takes 15 days to complete the process of making this saree. The saree is best for to be brides and costs around a lakh.

The kanjeevaram saree is naturally woven in to high quality silk and are known by its wide contrasting borders. These silks use different colour and pattern. The kanjeevaram sarees is made at kanchipuram district located in Tamilnadu. The cost of these sarees ranges between 2000 to 200000 depending on the quality of silk.

These are the most famous and highly preferred silk saree among others. So, Buy traditional silk saree for wedding occasions. It gives a sober look and have huge demand in the market.

What factors you keep in mind before buying designer salwar kameez

Salwar kameez is one of the most wear Indian women’s attire. It is worn by women of all ages and gaining popularity for its variations.  There is a large range of options available in salwar kameez to choose from.  Some of the most popular options include Patiala, Churidar, Anarkali, plain suit, silk suit, georgette suit, etc.  Designer salwar kameez is one of the best options, if you are looking for a unique and traditional women’s attire. There are countless  stores or suppliers available today that offers designer salwar kameez.

Buy Designer Salwar Kameez

When going to Buy Designer Salwar Kameez, you need to keep a few factors in mind in order to buy the best salwar kameez for the special occasion.
Salwar kameez is available in a wide range of fabrics.  Some of the fabrics are georgette, silk,  cotton, chicken, chiffon and much more. You can choose the fabric as per your need and desire.
Suits are available in a wide range of patterns. Some of the most popular patterns are anarkali,  Patiala, churidar, plain suit, georgette  suit and silk suit.
Suits are also available in a wide range of designs. You can choose the design that suits your taste and meet your personality as well.
When going to buy a suit, keep these factors in mind in order to buy the best outfit for any special occasion.

Indian saree: Different factors you need to consider before purchasing

The popularity of saree, which is a traditional Indian garment has been growing  all across the world with every passing day.  The main reason behind the growing popularity is the fact  that this garment is so versatile, which can be worn in several different ways.  In this highly dominating fashion world, no two women like to dress in the same manner.  Saree offer unique appearance and look to every woman. The beauty, elegance, grace and look of a girl or lady changed by the type of the saree and the way saree is worn.
There is a wide range of options available in Indian sarees. Some of the most popular options include khangivaram, silk, georgette, embroidered, banarasi and much more.  Saree is an ethnic wear, which  is loved and  liked by the women from every walk of life.  Most of the ladies prefer saree over other dresses  when going to attend a corporate  or  social event. When going to buy an Indian saree, you need to take a few factors into account  in order to buy a beautiful  and comfortable saree .
Some of these factors include:

Indian sarees are available in a wide variety of fabrics. Earlier,  sarees are designed and manufacture only in cotton and silk fabrics. However, these days, they can be manufactured from other materials like georgette, polyester, nylon, chicken and chiffon.  You need to check the fabric of different sarees in order to buy the best saree for any occasion. Read more….

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Make a unique style statement with party wear sarees

Every woman wants to look beautiful and unique, especially when going to attend a party. In order to achieve this, they are always looking for unique  apparels  and accessories. Party  wear  saree is one of the best options, if you want to  make a unique style statement.  Any  woman can look beautiful and charming, if you select to wear party wear saree.
When it comes to party wear  saree, you will find a great variety in terms of styles, fabrics,designs, colors  and embellishments.  Let’s take a look at some of the options  available in party wear  saree.
Georgette saree
Georgette sarees look highly attractive, appealing and sensational. They give stunning, elegant  and gorgeous  appearance to the wearer.  They  are available in a  wide range of designs and are  the best option for both corporate  and social events.
Georgette has a favorable quality of being compatible with Indian traditional patterns  and designs.  This is why when you  wear a saree of this fabric, you look elegant and classy.
Net saree

The net sarees help a lot in highlighting the curves of a woman and give her a stunning, beautiful and unique appearance. Read more……

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It’s the ethnic way of living

These days there have been many ethnic dresses wore by Indian women. This includes saree, Salwar kameez, lehengas etc. These dresses look decent and are most suitable for every occasion. In fact, these attires are so popular that even tourist from varied countries prefer to wear it. Among these maximum women, prefer the Salwar kameez, as they are comfortable and easy to wear. Another important part is it covers you completely so you can move freely anywhere without having any tension of what you have wore.

Salwar Kameez

The Salwar kameez is a two-piece set that are wore with or without dupattas. These set are very popular due to its easy usability. The Salwar is the lower portion of the set that may be loose or tight depending on the style and pattern. The kameez are small tunic like and can be designed easily as per your wish.

Styles used in Salwar Kameez

·        The kameez can either be full, mid or without any sleeve. The sleeves are stitched to suit the preference of the client.

·        The neck of the kameez can be either with or without neck. Read more....