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Traditional silk saree in India holds a great importance for brides and women. They might come from different sections of the society, but all of them love to wear silk sarees. India has a large variety of silk available in different parts of the country for weaving saree. By combining varieties of silk as well as the local customs, the weavers create fine pieces of clothing. Some of them are considered to be so sacred that they are only worn during puja, or weddings.

Several online websites have tried to provide this fine piece of clothing online at affordable price, but some of them fail to assure the buyer about the quality of the silk used to create them or about the source of the weaver. They also do not perform line of quality checks to ensure high quality of the garment. If you do not want to waste your hard earned money on these unknown sources of silk sarees, then you must buy them from prafful, a trusted brand for Indian ethnic clothing.

Prafful is known to provide High Quality Embroidered Lehenga Sarees, salwar kameez, anarkali suits, kurtis and much acclaimed silk sarees. They make sure to check the garment several times to avoid any flaw or inconvenience for the buyer. Apart from this, all the silk sarees come with a guarantee card as a proof of their originality. They are not mixed with any other fabric to reduce the overall cost without mentioning it to the buyer. You can trust on prafful for your Indian fashion needs.

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Designer lehenga sarees Online

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Save Money- Buy Printed Salwar Kameez Online


Saving money in this economic condition is really difficult for everyone especially if anyone want to buy good quality clothing. There is a common myth between buyers that cheap clothing has poor quality. One cannot rely on the reasonable priced clothing to last for a long time.

However, there are certain buyers, who have been providing affordable clothing without compromising with the quality of the fabric or the work done on the dress. If you want to buy printed salwar kameez online, visit ethnic clothing store.

They are the leading ethnic clothing store providing high quality Indian ethnic outfits at affordable price. The house of prafful has world class designers, working together to bring out the best designer collections during festive season, fashion seasons and wedding season.

Whether you want to buy online casual salwar kameez with bold digital prints or you want to have those embroidered party wear salwar kameez, prafful has everything under one roof. The fabric used in the salwar kameez is chosen after making sure of its color quality, comfort level and strength. Cotton, georgette, chiffon, silk, paper silk, or any other fabrics are bought from reliable sources to ensure the quality.

You can wear them on daily basis without worrying about the colors or the embroidery. The house of prafful has been providing wide range of ethnic clothing for decades hence you can rely on them for your fashion needs. Visit their website to have a look at the current printed salwar kameez collection.

Where You Can Buy Traditional Silk Sarees in India

Traditional silk sarees have been in trend since the day they came into existence. Every woman from every corner in India tries to wear a beautiful elegant silk saree during important traditional events. Whether it is the wedding ceremony or the puja, they love to show their ethnical style through silk sarees. Moreover, the silk sarees are also changing with time to provide fresh yet traditional look to Indian women and girls.

The popular printed sarees shop available online like prafful are providing high quality printed and embroidered silk sarees. If you have become bored of those regular weaved silk sarees, these printed sarees can freshen up your mood. Latest floral, traditional, tribal, digital prints are printed on light silk fabric with high efficiency.

The sheer silk fabric and the intricate patterns created on them are the hot trend this season. You will love to see the Traditional Silk Sarees in India in a new avatar. The fashion designers have not only played with the patterns and designs but also with the colors used in the silk saree. You can find a number of shades of colors in the silk sarees that were until now not available in them.

Prafful, the most popular ethnic outfit store is providing a wide range of printed and non printed silk sarees at affordable price. They have a huge range of silk sarees on their printed saree shop, which are chosen carefully after assessing their quality. You can rely on the house of Prafful for high quality silk sarees. Visit their website right now @ to buy one for your special occasion.

Why You Should Buy Latest Pakistani Salwar Kameez


Are you one of the lovers of the salwar kameez? Then you must have been wearing various styles. Salwar kameez is the most popular Indian ethnic outfit worn by hundreds of thousands of women and girls all around the country. They love to try a different styles and fashion trends as soon as they hit the market. Apart from this, they also love to show off their style in latest designer salwar kameez shown in the Bollywood movies and television shows.

They will ask their neighboring tailor to stitch one for them according to the style followed in the any particular television serial or movie. If you love to get dressed in Indian salwar kameez but are getting bored of the limited options, which are worn, by thousands of others, then it is time to switch to the latest Pakistani salwar kameez. The Pakistani salwar kameez are so elegant in design that they are adored on international level as well. Women from different countries love to buy them online from popular clothing websites and wear them in traditional events. Read more...