Wedding Lehenga Choli: Knowing the Hottest Designs and Cuts

Lehenga choli is one of the most prominent and chosen outfits for occasions such as wedding ceremonies and spiritual festive. This costume is allied with celebration for the reason that it was thought to be a regal outfit dressed in by the wives & daughters of Mughal emperors in the history. Thus, most of the Indian brides prefer to choose this dress for their grand day since they desire to feel and look special just like an imperial princess. The wedding lehenga choli like any other lehenga comprises three parts – the pleated skirt that is known as the lehenga, a fitted choli or blouse and a dupatta.

The source of this costume can be traced back to Rajasthan as well as Gujarat, but after Mughal took over the subcontinent, this costume turned into the most preferred dress for the imperial women. This apparel turned out to be renowned among the royalties since it provided a humble and feminist covering to each and every woman of that time. Though the outfit has went along numerous modifications all through the time, but still a lot of designers and brides prefer to follow Mughal designs & embellishments while designing a wedding lehenga choli. 

Eminent Cuts & Designs in Bridal Lehenga Choli
The famed cuts & designs that have been launched in wedding lehenga choli are:


This type of cut in wedding lehenga choli is the most famous almost the Indian brides and it fits all body types. These lehengas run down in parallel down the body and assist in producing an illusionary slighting effect. 


The best thing about panelled style lehenga choli is ttha it facilitates the brides with extra flare & fall. The designers keep experimenting with the colors making use of this style of bridal lehenga choli and so the panels sewed alongside the lehenga can be of different colors.


Most girls favor this style of lehenga to don on their wedding or on other special festival. Actually, as the name suggests, the Fish Tail lehenga is fitted at the waistline and opens at the base.


This one of the oldest styles of lehenga choli and this comprises various pleats at the waistline. The pleats give a lot of volume to the lehenga. The brides with thin figure in particular choose this style of lehenga choli.

However, women still like to integrate the contemporary styles in their wedding outfit, but when it comes to conventional attire and fashion they favor to have the wedding designer lengha choli.  

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