What Is a Khada Dupatta?

Every Indian state has a tradition of its own, which can be seen during the wedding ceremonies. These are the times when everyone follows the rich culture in its true form and not the modified one. No matter how modern one can get, but during the wedding ceremony they try to stick to the traditional rites and rituals. Attire is also something, which goes less modified during the wedding season. Even the most modern brides prefer to wear the traditional attire like the khada dupatta.

Khada Dupatta

Khada dupatta is a traditional attire of the hyderabadi brides. As the name suggest it is not just the stole but entire dress. The attire consists of long kurta, churidar and a 6 yard heavily embroidered dupatta to go with it. The dupatta is draped with precision therefore the bride looks beautiful in it.  Along with the attire, the bride will wear all the traditional jewelry, which is meant for the Muslim bride. The Khada Dupatta Is Available in all the stores who sell traditional wedding attires for the bride to be. Otherwise, one can even buy them from the online shopping websites.

Similar to khada dupatta, Phulkari Dupatta is also traditional attire but just the stole. It is not the entire dress as the khada dupatta. It is even worn by the young girls and the married women. Phulkari is a form of embroidery, popular in Punjab. It is a tradition to wear it on the day of the wedding, therefore has a great importance for the bride.

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