Know In How Many Ways You Can Wear a Sari

When you head into to a saree’s store you certainly stumble on a large variety of different sarees. When we talk about different regions of India, they all have their personal separate forms of putting on a Sari. Let’s take a short glance on several of these styles: 

Maharashtra Way: It is eight meters in length which is larger than other Types of Indian Sarees. One part of the sari is drafted between the legs and put in at the back at the waist, whilst another part is worn as a pallu over the breast. 

Tamilian Style: Similar to the Maharashtra style this type of sari also gauges 8 meters. After wearing around the waist, the pleats are placed beside the left leg. Another part of the sari is again draped around the waist and put on the left side after taking it over the left shoulder. 

Gujarati Method: This style of wearing a sari is very famous and usually recognized as the seedha pallu way. Gujarati method is also found in different areas of Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh as well as Madhya Pradesh. The pleats are made in a way that these open to the right rather than the lift side. After that, the pallu is passed over the right shoulder taking from the back.  

Finally, when it comes to the Bengali style, the sari is draped pleatless. Usually, it is worn around the waist, taking back to the right side. In addition, the pallu is decorated over the left shoulder. Well, whatever the style is, the Indian Sarees make the women wearing it look more beautiful & stylish, grabbing all the ethics.

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