What Are the Suitable Colors for Wedding Salwar Kameez?

In the Indian culture, the colors are given a lot of preferences.  One has to wear the right color on the right occasion to avoid any inconvenience or hurting someone’s feelings. However, with the changing times the choices and preferences are also changing keeping few of them intact like the color of the wedding salwar kameez. Weddings are the special days where different families come together, to celebrate the unity of two different individuals. Over here, they will eat drink, make merry with the family of the bride, and groom. This day is also very special for the bride who will become an important part of someone else’s life. For her the wedding dress is very important since she will wear it on her special day and will even keep it with her for the rest of her life. Some of the brides keep the wedding dress as a family heirloom that is passed on from generation to generation. 

The color of the wedding dress in India is preferred to be red or dark red. However due to the changing likes of the brides, the color of the wedding dress is also shifting from reds to other colors of the spectrum. You can even buy them from the online salwar kameez websites for affordable cost and wide range of designs. In India, even though there are a number of different cultures but most of they try to keep things traditional. Hence, to respect the feelings of the elders and the traditions, along with the choices of the bride, here are a few colors, which can be worn, in the wedding ceremony.

·         Reds: the reds are the most popular and the widely selected choice. Red is the color of prosperity, which signifies that the bride will prove to be lucky for the bridegroom and his family. She will bring prosperity for the family with her steps. However, it is not advised to stick to the same red shade, which is traditionally used. You can pick out from the different types of reds like light red, bright red, dark red, electric red or even mix match it with different shades to give it a subtle look.

·         Pinks: the pinks are known to be delicate and soft. You can pick your wedding salwar kameez in different shades of pink varying from light to dark.

·         Oranges: oranges are also worn in the wedding salwar kameez. However, keep the shade soft otherwise, you may not look good.

Always wear the color that suits your skin tone and complexion. It is your wedding and you do not want to look bad due to the poor selection of the attire color. 

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