Why Traditional Cotton Sarees Are Getting Popular In India

Cotton sarees are the truly ethnic clothing worn by any Indian women. Due to the abundance of cotton grown in Indian subcontinent, this is the widely chosen fabric worn over here. Even though there are various other fabrics as well like jute, silk, khadi, and malmal but nobody has been successful in beating the popularity of cotton. This fabric is flexible hence can be formed into any manner. It can be woven with thick threads for warmer clothing and thin threads for summer clothing, it all depends on the weaver, what type of clothing he or she wants to have. Apart from this traditional cotton sarees in India has several other qualities, which contribute in its popularity. Some of them are:

·         Comfortable: Being in fashion does not always mean that you have to be uncomfortable. You can wear softer fabric like cotton to look good. Cotton is soft, suitable for the human skin and it does not contains any chemicals or artificial fabrics (unless they are mixed in it) which can cause severe allergies. It is one of the most comfortable natural fabrics ever.

·         Traditional yet chic: The young generation of women and girls do not like to wear anything, which is too traditional due to their fashion preferences. However, they can try on the cotton sarees, which are not only traditional in looks but are also quiet chic as well. So whenever going out for Indian traditional sarees shopping, consider a look at the cotton sarees as well.

·         Cool: Indian subcontinents can be quite warm during summer months hence it is essential to wear such fabric that can keep your body cool. Cotton has the property of absorbing sweat and keeping the body temperature down even during hot summer day. Read More………………….

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