Tips to Buy Silk Sarees Online

Silk is one of the oldest known fabrics used by humankind. Since ages, people have been using this fabric as gifts for the royals and important people in the society. Moreover, the royal family members used this fabric to d├ęcor themselves. The stories and historic facts related to silk route between china and India is a popular one. Silk comes from an insect known by the name silk worm. This worm wraps itself in a cocoon of silk fibers so that it can transform into a moth with wings. Due to the limited production of the silk, this fabric is quite expensive making it difficult for the common masses to own a decent outfit made from the fabric. Anyone can buy Traditional Silk Saree online or in local shops.  

However, India is not one of the largest producers of the silk but it has a fair amount of various types of silks.  Some of the various varieties of silk available in India are:

·         Mulberry silk: it is one the majorly used silk in commercial industry for weaving the fiber. It is used mostly in weaving the traditional sarees in India. This is majorly produced in various regions of India including Tamil Nadu, west Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir and Karnataka. Continue Reading………………..

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