Traditional Cotton Saree- One Attire Complementing All

Cotton is the indigenous fabric of Indian subcontinent, which is the main reason why it is given so much importance than any other fabric material. Over a period of time, the weavers learnt the art of combining the fibers obtained from cotton plant to make fabric. This art was intensified with help of machines, making finer fabric from the same plant. Due to the use of dull colors and old patterns, traditional cotton saree could not influence larger crowd in India, especially the youngsters. The younger generation of girls and women do not like dull colors and patterns. They want everything around them to be colorful and vibrant. Even if the material is good and comfortable, it will not be enough to please their fashion sense. 

Due to this reason, the fashion designers working with major fashion houses in India have tried every possible measure to make their cotton sarees different from the Indian traditional sarees. The latest collection of the cotton sarees is much different from the traditional ones, yet they have a feel of traditional with them. If you will look around in different regions of the country, you will find that every region has a distinct culture and style of wearing cotton sarees. Some has simple sarees with golden border; others have designs and motifs on them, or have a vibrant work with colorful threads. The fashion designers have tried to engage all these different patterns, motifs, designs and styles in one making the modern yet traditional cotton saree. Continue reading……..


  1. Nice Blog with exciting content. Stunning images! Saree is really a six yard sensuality having a majestic power to feast the eyes of every human around. Indian saree are the perfect melange of beauty and elegance

  2. Best Collection of Traditional Cotton Saree. I was looking for such clothes for a long time. Finally got it here. Thank you so much. keep up the good work.