How to Dress for Your Wedding in Traditional Silk Saree

Indian weddings are the most special for the bride’s family. They are about to let their daughter go to another family forever. They love her, adore her but have to follow the age-old traditions, where the bride has to leave her father’s house after wedding ceremony. She belongs to another family now. All these traditions and customs are very painful for her and her family but it is also a time for celebration. Indian wedding is a sort of paradox where sadness and happiness go hand in hand. Well, it surely is very special for the family and the bride since she is going to start a new life here on. In weddings, outfits are the major attraction.

According to the customs and traditions, a bride has to wear a Traditional Silk Saree in India for her wedding ceremony. However the trend is a very old one, but it is being followed very well until today. The modern bride, who is educated with western ideology, may find it too much with the traditional silk saree. They do not like to wear heavy bling-bling sarees with lots of jewelry. Hence keeping this in mind, the modern Indian fashion designers have tried to add a unique touch to latest collection of silk sarees. These sarees are not heavy, do not have too much embroidery or sequence work on them. If you do not wish to wear heavy saree, you can buy them and dress up by following the given tips: Click here to continue reading………


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