Modern Indian Woman amidst the Saree Tradition

The times are changing and so is the Indian woman. She is no longer a shy lady standing behind the rows of coverings feeling hesitant to show herself in front of others. She is now bold and ready to face the world with full confidence. If you will see around, women are being part of almost every profession taking their self very seriously. They want to leave a mark of their success on the society with their courage and persona. Even after all this, the modern Indian woman is yet down to the earth and emotional towards here traditions.

She does not want to stay at par with the traditions and Indian culture in her daily life and it can be seen in her dressing style. Indian woman and young girls might wear western outfits every now and then but when it comes to traditional events, Indian ethnic outfit is their favorite one. From salwar kameez to traditional sarees, she is in love with all these outfits. The modern Indian woman tries to incorporate the traditions with her modern lifestyle to carry both of them altogether and needless to say, she is successful in it.

Indian fashion designers have been contributing in nurturing her love for the traditional outfits with fresh designs and styles combining both, Indian and western concepts. You can see it in the prints, design, fabrics used and even in the fresh fashion collection of the sarees, kurtis, Lehengas, salwar kameez and the most favorite of the season anarkali salwar kameez. Some of the western features are even combined in the saree styles available in the market these days. You can see some of them worn by our very own Bollywood actresses like Deepika Padukone, Sonal Kapoor, Aishwarya, kareena and all of them.

From lacy sarees carried by Sonam Kapoor to those contrast blouse sarees of Deepika, all the sarees are traditional yet with a touch of modern style and fashion. We can even see the love for the sarees in Rekha and Vidya Balan. Both of them seem to be the brand ambassador of Traditional Silk Sarees with different color and style variety.

You can see them wearing one in every other event. A couple of fashion houses are providing Bollywood replica sarees with same design, fabric and color to help their fans as well to look like a star. You can visit these websites @ to shop for the fashionable traditional yet modern sarees in a huge variety. 


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