Why Pakistani Designer Cotton Suits Are Becoming Popular In India

While Sarees continue to be popular among women these days, Pakistani designer cotton suits are also catching the fancy of many young girls and women who are looking for a light yet traditional dress for occasions. During the hot Indian summer, these cotton suits prove to be quite handy when selecting a dress that can feel lightweight and comfortable yet remain classy and stylish.
 Designer Salwar Kameez
Though there is plenty of variety available in Indian styled suits, Pakistani designer cotton suits are finding their feet in the Indian market because they bring with them something different, in terms of their style, colours, embroidery and designs. The vibrant colours, which compliment the intricate embroidery on the front and back of the dress, bring together a unique look, which is something women are finding very appealing.
This is one major reason why nowadays many fashion stores have begun including Pakistani designer cotton suits in their collections too, along with the smaller traders, simply because they are in demand. Young girls, especially those who find a saree a bit too difficult to carry, prefer these suits for all traditional occasions.