Different types of traditional sarees

Saree is recognized as one of the most beautiful  attire for women.  Saree is recognized as traditional Indian attire and will never go out of  fashion.  This is only because of the variations available in the saree collection.  There are countless option available in saree in different designs, patterns and fabrics. Let’s  read to know about different types of sarees that you can go for.
Baluchari  Saree
This  type of saree  has its origin in Bengal.  It is designed  and manufactured using silk fabrics  and are worn with pallu accents, which draped over the shoulder.  
Benarasi saree

Benarasi saree is originally from Banaras, Utter Pradesh. This type of saree  is highly  expensive and is recognized for its beautiful  designs and thread works. This  type of saree is also woven from silver and gold thread materials   and are fit for royalty. Read more…..


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