Fashion Tips for the Monsoon Wedding Season

Rains, cool wind and pleasant season, this is the epic scenery of the monsoon season. Thanks to the movies and TV shows monsoon-wedding trend has been trendified and became popular. Even though some people think it to be too tacky, but monsoon season can be quite fun if you keep everything in mind and plan it out properly. The right type of clothes, makeup, looks, hairstyle and some other fashion precautions are needed to be taken by the masses just to make sure they are breathlessly outstanding in the monsoon season wedding. Here are some tips for you hence; you can look good in the monsoon wedding:

  • Avoid whites and lights: whichever wedding salwar kameez or saree you buy for monsoon wedding, make sure it is not white or any other light shade. Monsoon can be cool and pleasant but it also has sludge and mud all around due to heavy rains. This sludge can spoil your dress leaving mud marks on it, which is very difficult to remove. Especially in the fine clothing, the thread count is so extensive and fine, it is difficult to remove the dust marks without spoiling the color or texture of the dress fabric. Moreover, most of the wedding dresses have fine embroidery on them, which can be ruined due to sludge.

  • Waterproof makeup: you certainly do not want your makeup to be spoiled due to all that rain and humidity right. Most of the makeup is makeup of powdery material, which can be spoilt easily with the rains or due to humid environment. A ruined makeup is more disastrous than no makeup at all. Therefore, you must protect your look by using the waterproof makeup. Water or even the sweat will not affect this makeup. 

  • Do quick shopping: instead of wasting your time in buying clothes from the market, Buy Salwar Kameez Online From Fashion Websites. These websites have a wide range of clothing; in latest styles and designs, therefore one can get the desired one easily. Moreover, these fashion websites also provide good discounts and offers on almost every shopping, which certainly is an added factor to the shopping that is not available in the local market. You can save hell lot from these websites as they have evenly competitive price.

  • Apply good perfume: perfume is not just about having the most expensive one, but applying such fragrance, which attracts others to you. Use the right one in mild tones. 

Follow all these tips to look good and attractive in the monsoon wedding.

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