How to fashion disasters during Monsoon Wedding

Monsoon season is full of rain and cool winds. Along with it can be quite humid in some of the parts of the country during this season. This season is full of fun but can be hectic as well. However, a large number of people choose this season to be their wedding season as well. The concept of the monsoon wedding was popularized with several movies and television shows, which present this wedding season to be the most romantic and well suited for any wedding. However, they can be quite uncomfortable for the guests as well as for the bridegroom. Even after this fact, these weddings happen with full zeal and vigor, hence if you are planning to take part in a monsoon wedding, here are some of the tips to help you to look good in the ceremony. 

·         Do not wear light colored clothes: women love to flaunt their light colored Designer Lehenga Sarees During Monsoon weddings but they do not realize that during this season and heavy rains, their light colored dresses can be a mess. Instead of having, they try some dark colored ones or suitable shade, which will not look too much dirty or untidy even after being spoiled by dirt and water. 

·         Do not wear delicate materials: most of the designer Outfits like Designer Wedding Sarees are made up of delicate material, which can be spoiled, by the dirt and water in the monsoon wedding. It is difficult to remove the stains from them caused due to dirt. Therefore if the wedding program is outdoors or you have to walk a lot performing all these rituals and ceremonies than avoid the delicate fabrics. 

·         Apply minimal waterproof makeup: thinking about women without makeup is a difficult thing. However, during monsoon wedding you must take an extra step to avoid the makeup disasters. Do not apply too much makeup. The makeup tends to diminish with time during the day and if you are unable to do the touch ups, it is advisable to avoid applying too much. Go minimal which suits your designer Lehenga sarees as well.  Apply only waterproof makeup, which can be protected even during the rains. Also, keep tissue paper or blotting paper handy as during monsoon the skin can become oily, spoiling your looks. Blot out the excess of oil time to time.

Follow these simple tips to avoid becoming a fashion disaster or spoiling your expensive dresses during the wedding ceremony.

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