What Are the Different Styles of Salwar Kameez?

Salwar kameez, one of the most popular traditional attire of this country is getting the international limelight as well. After getting the Midas touch of the fashion designer, they have now flaunted their elegance and graceful beauty on the international fashion platforms. Salwar kameez are available in a number of styles and designs with different patterns made out of different types of fabrics. In some of the designer salwar kameez a number of fabrics which complement each other are merged together to bring out the best salwar kameez. Every woman is different from other and has a different set of choices and likings; therefore, to satisfy their attire choices, the salwar kameez is also available in a number of styles. These styles differ from time to time and from season to season, which keeps the salwar kameez in fashion forever. It is not rigid, hence has been part of Indian attire culture for more than 2 hundred years. 

Here are some of the different types of salwar kameez, which are currently on the popular list:

·         Simple salwar kameez: this contains the basic style of salwar kameez in which the kurta is worn over pajama type salwar along with a dupatta. You can buy salwar kameez online from any fashion website. They are available in printed as well as embroidered style. The salwar mostly is a simple plain cloth. In its contrast, the kurta is printed and embroidered to help it stand out. It is mostly of different color in comparison to the salwar and is supported with a beautiful dupatta. It is usually worn as a daily wear by almost 90% of women all around the country.

·         Anarkali Salwar Kameez: these are the new hot pick of the season and the most popular attire worn in weddings and traditional functions. Anarkali Salwar Kameez Contains an extensively embroidered or sequenced frock like long kurta, which also have an impression of long skirt. Instead of salwar, it is worn over pajami that helps the kurta to stand out. It is accompanied with a lavish dupatta. These are mostly made up of sheer fabric, georgette or the cotton, embroidered and sequenced.

·         Kurti Pajami: this is something every young girl loves to wear and feel comfortable in. a smart kurti is worn over pajami or leggings, making it more of casual attire than the traditional one. The kurti is mostly simple or with prints but not heavily embroidered. It can be worn to college, office or like a daily wear.

You can Buy Salwar Kameez Online as per your desire and need from a number of fashion websites.

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