What Kind of Jewelry Should Be Worn With Saree

Think about it, a nine yards of cloth draped in such way that it has the capability of making any woman beautiful, sounds impossible doesn’t it. However, it is not. Saree, a nine yards long piece of cloth printed with colorful patterns or embroidered with finest threads and sequences is one of the popular outfits in India. Since time ages, it has been a part of Indian culture and has been used by a number of women all around the country. With the exposure to the fashion industry and thanks to the celebrities, this Indian attire has a tremendous response in the international fashion platforms as well. Now, it is not just the Indians but also the women from foreign countries that have been using it to flaunt their look and style. However, the look is slightly incomplete without the proper accessories and jewelry to go with it. 

Like any other dress sarees require something to enhance its look with proper jewelry and right kind of makeup. A woman feels incomplete without jewelry and so is the saree. If it is not worn with well-suited jewelry, it can affect the look entirely. Chunky jewelry, simple necklace, a pendant or those big bold earrings, it can be quite confusing while having all of them and not being sure which one will look good on you. Here are some of the jewelry tips for you, which you should keep in mind while doing the Saree Shopping India:

  • Chunky bold pieces: these have been in trend but it require bold attitude to carry these big chunky pieces of jewelry. They are available in gold as well as silver or can be wood, glass or plastic pieces woven together with threads or chain. They come in a wide range of colors, mostly bright colors. If you want to utilize them to make your look bolder and better than wear them with those modern cotton sarees which you buy Online Doing Saree Shopping. However if you are wearing chunky necklaces than do not wear big earrings, they will look out of the place. Go with simple studs. 

  • Ethnic pieces: you cannot wear chunky fashionable jewelry with the ethnic embroidered sarees. With them, it is always the traditional ethnic jewelry set or the European medieval style jewelry looks its best.  Most often women have some in fine jewelry but if you do not have or something to go with your saree, than buy them from the costume jewelry range. They are much cheaper and look good with traditional ethnic saree.

    Do your saree shopping in India and enjoy the attention with attractive gorgeous jewelry pieces.

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